Honder College of Inner Mongolia Normal University

Honder College of Inner Mongolia Normal University is an independent college that can offer students a
bachelor degree that is officially approved by the National Ministry of Education ([2008]149). After
completing their academic studies, by achieving the required grades, students will get their graduation
diploma from Honder College of IMNU, which is nationally recognized and certifies one who has reached the qualification of the bachelor degree.


Based on cultural traditions and the highest quality education resources, Honder College is striving to cultivate the talents of its students and provide ample professional ability, a strong knowledge base and the spirit of innovation and practice.


Currently there are 7 departments with 20 educating directions. The departments are Department of Foreign Language, Department of Management, Department of Fine Art, Department of Humanity, Department of Accounting, Department of Film and Video Art as well as the Department of Further Education. After the combined investigation and research by the Ministry of Education, the government and the police department in our region, the document of [2010]155 was laid down which proves that Honder College is capable of accepting foreign students. 


Honder College is making full use of their advantages in innovative education systems and a new model of

running the school and will insist on strengthening its brand of quality education and broadening its path by

the unique characteristics it possesses. Furthermore, great efforts will be made towards developing and

maintaining a first-rate school and modeling novel teaching methods of effectiveness. Honder College is on

its way to cultivating more and more talent for the prosperity of society.


Welcome Message:


Chairman: Mr. Yushu Zhou


onder College of Inner Mongolia University was established under the background of a rapidly

developing Chinese economy. We have built over twenty buildings and purchased an abundant

amount of teaching materials and books within a few years, making Honder a modern and

comprehensive university. More importantly, we aim to develop the college into an

"international university". We have already welcomed over thirty foreign teachers and we

sincerely look forward to welcoming more foreign teachers as well as foreign students to study

in our college.


Motto: 我行,我能成功!Believe in yourself - must be successful! 

Principles of education: Running the college for public interests and teaching for the future of the 


College spirit: Commitment to self development and excellence 

Type: Independent college (partnership with Inner Mongolia Normal University)

Staff: Approximately 300

Foreign teachers: Approximately 30 (from various countries including The United States of America, 

                                 Great Britain, Canada and Japan) 

Students: Approximately 5,000

Foreign students: Approximately 30 (in 2012)

Location: Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China 


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2004 – Honder Foreign Affairs College was approved to enroll students
2005 – Partnership formed between Honder College and Inner Mongolia Normal University in a joint effort

           toward setting up Honder College of Inner Mongolia Normal University to enroll college students for

           three-year education programs
 2008 – Honder College of Inner Mongolia Normal University expanded to offer its students a

           four-year education


2010 – Title of “Advanced Independent College of China” was conferred upon Honder



Departments (numbers for the 2011/12 academic year):

Department of Management                1,302 students

Department of Foreign Language         1,097 students
Department of Humanity                     1,081 students
Department of Fine Art                       749 students
Department of Film and Video Art        667 students
Department of Accounting                  263 students





Foreign Language


Four Years

English for Foreigner

Four Years


Project Management

Four Years

Civil engineering

Four Years


Pre-school Education

Four Years

Tourism Management

Four Years

Net News

Four Years

Fine Art

Interior Design

Four Years

Fine Arts

Four Years

Film and Art


Four Years

TV Direct

Four Years

Photography Technique

Four Years



Four Years


Contact Information:

Telephone: 86-0471-5168413

FAX: 86-471-4697816

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