Foreign Students

Foreign Student Life at Honder College

The international program is open to all interested applicants who have received at least a high school diploma. Individuals must be willing to undergo intensive study and to observe the laws and decrees of the Chinese

government, to abide by the rules and regulations of the school and respect the Chinese customs.




The college admits students through a special application procedure designed for foreigners. For the 2011

academic year, 30 foreign students enrolled for mainly Chinese language and cultural learning.  Instruction

languages are mainly Chinese and English. 


Interested parties should provide a certification equivalent to a Chinese high school degree.  All applications

received will be subject to eva luation according to the school’s policies and standards. Approved applicants

will receive an Admission Letter and Visa application form from the university. The applicants then must undergo medical examination at an authorized (by the Chinese Embassy) medical clinic in their country of origin. If the result is positive, applicants should apply immediately to the Chinese Embassy (Consulate) for a student



Applicants must bring the ORIGINAL copy of the following when applying for the visa:

Admission letter
Visa application form JW202
Medical examination record
Passport, valid for at least 18 months
Passport picture


Applicant must inform the school immediately when their Visa has been approved or issued to them. 
Applicants may then purchase a round trip ticket. A copy of the ticket itinerary must be sent to the school for pick up arrangements. The ticket reservation should be valid for at least one year, with assurance from the

travel company that the return ticket is re-bookable or valid for one year after the date of departure. The cost

of the ticket is borne by the applicant.


Applicants must register under Honder International School in due time according to the request stated in the

Letter of Admission.


Applicants MUST send a notification letter to Honder, if for some reason they cannot register within the time

frame stated in the Admission letter, otherwise the application will be cancelled.


Requirements for Foreign Students:


Application for Chinese Student Visa – official Chinese form attached
Criminal history – to be obtained from a local law enforcement agency
Current resume – showing work history
Health Report – official Chinese form attached 
Diploma of highest educational attainment (minimum of a high-school diploma)
School transcripts
Valid Passport (at least 18 months remaining)
500RMB for application fee
23000RMB per year for tuition fee
15000RMB per year for accommodation fee


Payment Details :
ACCOUNT NUMBER:  149251774157


Courses Offered:


Students are expected to study the prescribed mandatory courses as per the policies set by the school.

Main courses offered:

Chinese Language (listening, speaking, composition and reading)

Selective courses:

Chinese Literature, Culture, Arts, Calligraphy, Shadowing, Traditional Weaving, Music, Film Production and HKS tutoring


As for the second year, foreign students can specialize on a major in Honder College and different departments and majors are as follows:




Foreign Language


Four Years

English for Foreigner

Four Years


Tourism Management

Four Years

Project Management

Four Years

Civil engineering

Four Years


Pre-school Education

Four Years

Net News

Four Years

Fine Art

Interior Design

Four Years

Fine Arts

Four Years

Film and Art


Four Years

TV Direct

Four Years

Photography Technique

Four Years



Four Years


Campus Culture & Art festival:

The campus culture & art festival usually lasts for a month in May or June every year. During the festival students and teachers host a series of celebrations as well as varies of activities on the campus.





There are three dining halls on the campus; they are the Fenyue Dining Hall, the Jinguan Dining hall and a Muslin dining hall. The dining halls offer stir-fry vegetable & rice, meats, noodles, cakes & pastries and snacks. There is also a café named Anthony’s Diner severing hamburgers and varies of drinks.  In addition, there are many small restaurants just outside the campus gate.



Dormitories for foreign students are in the Renhe building, which is also the girls’ dormitory for Chinese students. Each room is double occupancy and equipped with air-conditioning, a refrigerator, basic cooking facilities, a washing machine and Internet access.




Contact Information:

Telephone: 86-0471-5168413

FAX: 86-471-4697816


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