Foreign Teachers

Foreign Teachers’ Life at Honder College

Honder College was among the first institutions to employ foreign teachers to work in Inner Mongolia.  It also caters to the following programs; international exchange and cooperation, inviting foreign professors to give

speeches and organize group study abroad and making friendships with international colleges and institutions.

There are about 30 foreign teachers who work and live in Honder College (2012), making Honder College an

international institution of study and work.



Requirements for Foreign Teachers:


Application for Chinese Work Visa – official Chinese form attached
College diploma 
Criminal history – to be obtained from a local law enforcement agency
Current resume – showing work history
Health Report – official Chinese form attached 
Teaching experience
TEFL certification
Valid Passport (at least 18 months remaining)


Sample Teaching Schedule:


Most foreign teachers will be expected to teach 6 classes during the week at Honder College and 18 weekend

classes at Little London English school.


Compensation and Benefits:


Salary is negotiated depending on work experience and qualifications with an average payment from 4,000

RMB to 8,000 RMB per month.


Foreign teachers will also receive 6,000 RMB each year for international travel fees (after completing one year of service).  Honder will provide a single occupancy apartment as well as the required residency permit

including another annual physical examination.


Little London( Honder) English School:



Little London English school was established in 2001 and is officially approved by the Ministry of Education of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is the affiliated English training school of Honder College of Inner Mongolia

Normal University. By the end of 2011, six schools have been established and more than 20,000 students have been

trained by LLE. In 2009, LLE was titled the Demonstration of Civilian-run School of Inner Mongolia Autonomous

Region and in 2010 LLE was honored as the best English training school in Hohhot.


In a partnership with Little London English school, foreign teachers often have an opportunity to work alongside

Chinese teachers helping younger students learn and practice their English. The school has 10,000 students in

different levels with a total of thirty part-time and full-time foreign teachers.


LLE offers a small-classroom model of teaching with less than 18 students in one classroom, which provides students with more opportunities to use and practice English within class. All classes are instructed in English only to offer

students an English context and strengthen the students’ listening and speaking ability. The foreign teachers in LLE

are from the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and other English speaking countries and

are assisted by professional Chinese teachers who graduated from standard normal universities and are well-trained

as well as experienced in the process of oral English teaching.



Historical Highlights of LLE:

2001 – LLE was established in Hohhot with more than 400 students enrolled

2002 – Expanded to offer English training for Mongniu Corporation and Emerson Corporation

2005 – More than 600 students took part in CCTV oral English competition

2006 – 1,200 students took part in the “Star and Torch” English Competition and won all the awards of Hohhot

competition section

2009 – Honored with the title of “Demonstration of Civilian-run School of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region” and

became the internship base for the Youth Policy College of IMNU

2010 – Honored with the title of “Best English Training School in Hohhot”






Campus Culture & Art Festival:

The campus culture & art festival usually lasts for a month in May or June every year. During the festival students and teachers host a series of celebrations as well as varies of activities on the campus.




There are three dining halls on the campus; they are the Fenyue Dining Hall, the Jinguan Dining hall and a Muslin dining hall. The dining halls offer stir-fry vegetable & rice, meats, noodles, cakes & pastries and snacks. There is also a café named Anthony’s Diner severing hamburgers and varies of drinks.  In addition, there are many small restaurants just outside the campus gate.



Dormitories for foreign teachers are in the Yida building.  Each room is single occupancy and equipped with

air-conditioning, a refrigerator, basic cooking facilities, a washing machine and Internet access.


Contact Information:

Telephone: 86-0471-5168413
FAX: 86-0471-4697816 

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