Hohhot and Inner Mongolia

Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China

The city of Hohhot:

Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China, lies between the Yinshan

Mountains and the Yellow River. The name Hohhot means “Blue City” in Mongolian and it also bears the title

of the “dairy capital” of China. Today Hohhot is the most important city in Inner Mongolia and is home to 36

different ethnic groups. Notable among these are Mongolian, Han, Manchu, Hui, Tibetan, Daur, Elunchun,

Ewenki and Korean. The city zone covers 17,224 square kilometers (6,650 square miles) with a population

exceeding 2,900,000.



Hohhot is an ideal place to live and explore thanks to the magnificent natural beauty of the Gegentala and

Xilamuren Grasslands as well as fantastic cultural sites such as the Dazhao Temple, Five-Pagoda Temple and

the Xilituzhao Palace.  Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of activities including horse riding, perhaps visiting the home of a herdsman's family, just roaming over the vast grassland and, of course, there is the thrilling Nadam Fair held on Gegentala Grassland each year.


Hohhot offers many restaurants, fitness clubs, bars and night spots for people to enjoy their spare time. The

city offers a wide variety of dining options including many local Mongolian dishes as well as more Western

restaurants like Pizza Hut, McDonalds and KFC.


Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region:

The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is in the northern part of China and it borders Russia and Mongolia externally. Inner Mongolia's land area is the third largest in China. The grasslands of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region account for 1/4 of China's total grassland area, and its forest area is the second largest in China. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is rich with natural resources making it one of the country's main iron and coal production as well as offering beautiful scenery.






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