International Exchange

International Exchange at Honder College

America In April of 2011, the Vice President of Fayetteville State University, Mr. Arthur Affleck and the

Director of the International Department, Mr. Chen visited Honder College.  They exchanged precious

opinions on education and international communication with each other and made an appointment for the

ceremony that would be held in Fayetteville State University during the International Exchange and

Cooperation Program between the two schools in May, 2011.


Korea Mr. Bingxuan Min, Dean of the Department of Broadcasting and Video Art from Chungwoon
University, Korea, along with TA Mr. Junkui Lee, eight Korean students and four Chinese students came to
visit Honder College on July 12, 2011. During their stay here, opinions on the internationalization of education
as well as the development and cooperation in the field of modern media were exchanged. Students from the
two universities held a friendly basketball competition at the end of this visit.

Pakistan - On September 15th, 2010, Honder College held a donation ceremony for helping victims caused

by the flood that hit Pakistan in 2010. Ambassador Masood Khan attended the donation ceremony.

On December 24th, 2010, a conference attended by all embassy officials was held to express appreciation in

the meeting room of the Pakistani Embassy in China. Global Times and New Gazette of the North carried

news about that meeting.


In April of 2011, 25 teachers and students from Honder College visited Pakistan and signed memoranda of

educational cooperation. 

In June, 2011, Little London English school arranged the summer camp together with the Pakistan Embassy


In August, 2011, Honder College sent 4 teachers to teach Chinese in Pakistan.



American & Chinese students’ Cultural Exchange Program is held every year for students from two countries to learn from each other and build friendships. It usually lasts for two weeks and during that time, American students come to Honder College to live and study together with Honder students. Students in this program have the opportunity to travel around the famous sites of Inner Mongolia and learn about culture of China.


Africa – On November 18,2011,Ambassador of the Republic of Togo came to visit Honder College. There are approximately 3,000 Togo students in China and, among them, 20 attend Honder College.



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